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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
config 86cd5f6   51 years (none)
m4 70509f8   5 years thomas2.klute configure: Try apr-util if apr_memcache library was not found Fedora …
doc 97c930f   5 years thomas2.klute Update documentation for use of X.509 keys and certificates …
include e021722   5 years thomas2.klute Update copyright headers for Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos' PKCS #11 patch …
src dfd5837   5 years thomas2.klute Log possible error messages from gnutls_bye
test a733a90   5 years thomas2.klute Test suite: Use HTTP/1.0 for CGI and mod_status tests These tests …
aclocal.m4 51.4 KB 86cd5f6   51 years (none) 2.0 KB 86cd5f6   51 years (none)
configure 443.6 KB 86cd5f6   51 years (none) 26.7 KB 86cd5f6   51 years (none)
LICENSE 11.1 KB 9706fc2   16 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo
NOTICE 231 bytes 8c66e7c   9 years neuromancer Updated NOTICE 244 bytes 6e1d45d   5 years thomas2.klute Build documentation through automake The handwritten Makefile used …
README 1.4 KB ee687ab   5 years thomas2.klute Update README and post-install documentation hint
CHANGELOG 4.5 KB ff46fc2   5 years thomas2.klute Changelog: Update from beta to 0.7 release 3.9 KB a1c4c2d   5 years thomas2.klute Release version 0.7

The apache module for HTTPS using GnuTLS

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