source: mod_gnutls @ 7b3e5de

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
src 03a9a6b   9 years nmav Force SDBM.
mod_gnutls.xcode 84cb5b2   15 years chip - add lua to do client verification - only use gcrypt locking when …
m4 f46e1f2   11 years nmav bumped version and updated the detection script to work with pkg-config.
include f10ab4f   9 years nmav Added missing var.
data 283d885   15 years chip fixes for pre-0.1.0
README.ENV 3.0 KB 25dad18   12 years nmav
README 5.5 KB 7ca474b   11 years nmav readability changes by Jack Bates.
NOTICE 283 bytes fc4c1c60   12 years nmav
NEWS 2.6 KB 7b3e5de   9 years nmav Released 0.5.7. 277 bytes 313a435   12 years nmav
LICENSE 11.1 KB 9706fc2   15 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo 1.9 KB 7b3e5de   9 years nmav Released 0.5.7. 129 bytes b072204   12 years nmav corrected SRP enable flag, and corrected the DBM hook support. It now …

The apache module for HTTPS using GnuTLS

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