source: mod_gnutls @ e239d1a

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
data 283d885   17 years chip fixes for pre-0.1.0
include 7bebb42   14 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0
mod_gnutls.xcode 84cb5b2   16 years chip - add lua to do client verification - only use gcrypt locking when …
src e239d1a   14 years nmav No more defaults for dhparams, rsaparams. Check for GnuTLSPriorities.
NOTICE 188 bytes 01d15c2   17 years chip go go NOTICE file 282 bytes 3dbff0d   14 years nmav 403 bytes 7bebb42   14 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0
NEWS 425 bytes ea470be   14 years nmav The compatibility mode can now be enabled only using the … 1.3 KB 9bb68fe   14 years nmav
README.ENV 3.0 KB af4998e   14 years nmav
README 3.4 KB 7bebb42   14 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0
LICENSE 11.1 KB 9706fc2   17 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo

The apache module for HTTPS using GnuTLS

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