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Build documentation through automake

The handwritten Makefile used before had no connection to the automake
system, so documentation could not be built automatically. The user had
to manually call make in doc/. With this change, documentation gets
built, installed, and included in the distribution archive as expected.

Building documentation requires pandoc, which in turn needs pdflatex to
build PDF output. Check for both tools during configuration and
enable/disable output files accordingly.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 244 bytes
[283d885]1AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign dist-bzip2
[6af4f74]3EXTRA_DIST = m4/outoforder.m4 m4/apache.m4 \
[e24eed68]4                m4/apr_memcache.m4 \
[485d28e]5                m4/apache_test.m4  \
[6af4f74]6                include/ \
[e24eed68]7                README CHANGELOG \
8                NOTICE LICENSE
[6e1d45d]10SUBDIRS = src test doc
[3dbff0d]11ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
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