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Use GCC builtins to catch overflows with mixed integer types

Different libraries (here: GnuTLS and APR) use different integer types
for lengths in their internal data structures. When assigning integer
types of different size to each other, overflows are possible,
although extremely unlikely in this context. The GCC arithmetic
overflow checking builtins provide an easy way to catch overflows
before they can cause trouble. Requires GCC 5 or later.

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[04f48a2]1mod_gnutls, Apache GnuTLS module
[04f48a2]6Mailing List:
[04f48a2]8  mod_gnutls development <>
[04f48a2]10Lead Maintainer:
[2afbe2e]12  Thomas Klute <>
[04f48a2]14Past maintainers and other contributors:
[2afbe2e]16  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
[04f48a2]17  Paul Querna <chip at>
18  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at>
19  Dash Shendy <neuromancer at>
[2cde026d]24 * GnuTLS          >= 3.1.4 <> (3.2.* or newer preferred)
[04f48a2]25 * Apache HTTPD    >= 2.2 <> (2.4.* preferred)
[4bf4ce2]26 * autotools, GNU make, & gcc (5 or later)
[c5d5942]27 * libmsv          >= 0.1 (Optional, enable with ./configure --enable-msva)
[ee687ab]28 * pandoc   (for documentation, optional)
29 * pdflatex (for PDF documentation, optional)
[04f48a2]34 tar xzvf mod_gnutls-version.tar.gz
35 cd mod_gnutls-version/
36 autoreconf -fiv
[c5d5942]37 ./configure
[04f48a2]38 make
39 make install
40 # Configure & restart apache
[ee687ab]42It is recommended to run "make check" before "make install". You may
43need to pass TEST_HOST or TEST_IP to ./configure for the tests to work
44correctly, please see test/README for details.
[ee687ab]49Please see doc/mod_gnutls_manual.mdwn for more details. If pandoc is
50available, HTML and PDF (requires pdflatex) documentation will be
51built and installed as well.
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