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[04f48a2]1mod_gnutls, Apache GnuTLS module
[04f48a2]6Mailing List:
[04f48a2]8  mod_gnutls development <>
[04f48a2]10Lead Maintainer:
[3c123cd]12  Fiona Klute <>
[04f48a2]14Past maintainers and other contributors:
[2afbe2e]16  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
[04f48a2]17  Paul Querna <chip at>
18  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at>
19  Dash Shendy <neuromancer at>
[65c84e5]24 * GnuTLS          >= 3.6.3 <>
[d60ff7b]25 * Apache HTTPD    >= 2.4.17 <>
[4c529de]26 * autotools, GNU make, & GCC
[c5d5942]27 * libmsv          >= 0.1 (Optional, enable with ./configure --enable-msva)
[f3a3f6f]28 * Python 3 (for tests)
29 * PyYAML   <>
[ee687ab]30 * pandoc   (for documentation, optional)
31 * pdflatex (for PDF documentation, optional)
[3e7427a]36 tar xvjf mod_gnutls-version.tar.bz2
[04f48a2]37 cd mod_gnutls-version/
38 autoreconf -fiv
[c5d5942]39 ./configure
[04f48a2]40 make
[0fc654d]41 make check
[04f48a2]42 make install
43 # Configure & restart apache
[0fc654d]45While not strictly necessary, it is recommended to run "make check"
46before "make install". You may need to pass TEST_HOST or TEST_IP to
47./configure for the tests to work correctly if you have an unusual
48network setup, please see test/ for details.
[251edfe]50If Doxygen is available, you can build internal API documentation
51using "make doxygen-doc". The documentation will be placed in
[0fc654d]57Please see doc/ for more details. If pandoc is
[ee687ab]58available, HTML and PDF (requires pdflatex) documentation will be
59built and installed as well.
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