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Avoid external make calls for test environment setup

All targets needed to set up the test suite environment are now
directly handled by the makefile created through automake, avoiding
any external make calls. The rules for X.509 and PGP certificate
management are included from the old test makefile through automake.

Note that those included rules use syntax that automake warns is GNU
make specific and might not work with other make implementations. This
is not a regression, just increased visibility, so automake
portability warnings are ignored.

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[04f48a2]1mod_gnutls, Apache GnuTLS module
[04f48a2]6Mailing List:
[04f48a2]8  mod_gnutls development <>
[04f48a2]10Lead Maintainer:
[2afbe2e]12  Thomas Klute <>
[04f48a2]14Past maintainers and other contributors:
[2afbe2e]16  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
[04f48a2]17  Paul Querna <chip at>
18  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at>
19  Dash Shendy <neuromancer at>
[2cde026d]24 * GnuTLS          >= 3.1.4 <> (3.2.* or newer preferred)
[04f48a2]25 * Apache HTTPD    >= 2.2 <> (2.4.* preferred)
[9a4d250]26 * autotools, GNU make, & gcc
[04f48a2]27 * APR Memcache    >= 0.7.0 (Optional)
[c5d5942]28 * libmsv          >= 0.1 (Optional, enable with ./configure --enable-msva)
[ee687ab]29 * pandoc   (for documentation, optional)
30 * pdflatex (for PDF documentation, optional)
[04f48a2]35 tar xzvf mod_gnutls-version.tar.gz
36 cd mod_gnutls-version/
37 autoreconf -fiv
[c5d5942]38 ./configure
[04f48a2]39 make
40 make install
41 # Configure & restart apache
[ee687ab]43It is recommended to run "make check" before "make install". You may
44need to pass TEST_HOST or TEST_IP to ./configure for the tests to work
45correctly, please see test/README for details.
[ee687ab]50Please see doc/mod_gnutls_manual.mdwn for more details. If pandoc is
51available, HTML and PDF (requires pdflatex) documentation will be
52built and installed as well.
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