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3This module started back in September of 2004 because I was tired of trying to
4fix bugs in mod_ssl.  mod_ssl is a giant beast of a module -- no offense to it's
5authors is intended -- but I believe it has fallen prey to massive feature bloat.
7When I started hacking on httpd, mod_ssl remained a great mystery to me, and
8when I actually looked at it, I ran away.  The shear ammount code is huge, and it
9does not conform to the style guidelines.  It was painful to read, and even harder
10to debug.  I wanted to understand how it worked, and I had recently heard about
11GnuTLS, so long story short, I decided to implement a mod_gnutls.
13Lines of Code in mod_ssl: 15,324
14Lines of Code in mod_gnutls: 1,886
16Because of writing mod_gnutls, I now understand how input and output filters work,
17better than I ever thought possible.  It was a little painful at times, and some parts
18lift code and ideas directly from mod_ssl. Kudos to the original authors of mod_ssl.
22Author: Paul Querna <chip
24License: Apache Software License v2.0. (see the LICENSE file for details)
26Current Status:
27- SSL and TLS connections with all popular browsers work!
28- Sets some enviromental vars for scripts
29- Supports Memcached as a distributed SSL Session Cache
30- Supports DBM as a local SSL Session Cache
32Future Development:
33- Support for Server Name Indication (partial support is in, but disabled)
34- Support for Client Certificates
36Basic Configuration:
38LoadModule gnutls_module  modules/
40# mod_gnutls can optionaly use a memcached server to store it's SSL Sessions.
41# This is useful in a cluster enviroment, where you want all of your servers
42# to share a single SSL Session Cache.
43#GnuTLSCache memcache ""
45# The Default method is to use a DBM backed Cache.  It isn't super fast, but
46# it is portable and does not require another server to be running like memcached.
47GnuTLSCache dbm conf/gnutls_cache
50    # insert other directives ... here ...
52    # This enables the mod_gnutls Handlers for this Virtual Host
53    GnuTLSEnable On
55    # This is the Private key for your server.
56    GnuTLSKeyFile conf/server.key
58    # This is the Server Certificate. 
59    GnuTLSCertificateFile conf/server.cert
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