source: mod_gnutls/debian/patches/0002-Test-suite-Run-flock-with-verbose-to-log-timeouts.patch @ 36663ec

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Add test suite and compatibility patches from master

Added 0002-Test-suite-Run-flock-with-verbose-to-log-timeouts.patch: test suite fix
Added 0005-Check-if-flock-supports-verbose.patch: test suite fix
Added 0004-Test-suite-Make-timeouts-for-server-locks-and-HTTPS-.patch: test suite fix
Added 0006-Test-suite-Do-not-explicitly-set-the-mutex-type-to-d.patch: test suite fix
Added 0007-Do-not-treat-warnings-about-deprecated-declarations-.patch: GnuTLS 3.5.9 compatibility
Added 0003-Test-suite-Log-if-a-process-to-be-stopped-by-PID-fil.patch: test suite logging

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  • test/proxy_backend.bash

    From: Thomas Klute <>
    Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 15:49:50 +0100
    Subject: Test suite: Run flock with "--verbose" to log timeouts
     test/proxy_backend.bash | 2 +-
     test/runtests           | 2 +-
     2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
    diff --git a/test/proxy_backend.bash b/test/proxy_backend.bash
    index c2d8507..5b1bafe 100644
    a b function backend_apache 
    3737                         "locking."
    3838                    flock_cmd=""
    3939                elif [ -n "${lockfile}" ]; then
    40                     flock_cmd="${FLOCK} -w ${TEST_LOCK_WAIT} ${lockfile}"
     40                    flock_cmd="${FLOCK} --verbose -w ${TEST_LOCK_WAIT} ${lockfile}"
    4141                else
    4242                    echo "Locking disabled, using wait based on proxy PID file."
    4343                    wait_pid_gone "${BACKEND_PID}"
  • test/runtests

    diff --git a/test/runtests b/test/runtests
    index d530bf8..0020fb4 100755
    a b if [ -n "${USE_TEST_NAMESPACE}" ]; then 
    157157    echo "Using namespaces to isolate tests, no need for locking."
    158158    flock_cmd=""
    159159elif [ -n "${TEST_LOCK}" ]; then
    160     flock_cmd="${FLOCK} -w ${TEST_LOCK_WAIT} $(realpath ${TEST_LOCK})"
     160    flock_cmd="${FLOCK} --verbose -w ${TEST_LOCK_WAIT} $(realpath ${TEST_LOCK})"
    162162    echo "Locking disabled, using wait based on Apache PID file."
    163163    wait_pid_gone "${TEST_PID}"
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