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Add test suite and compatibility patches from master

Added 0002-Test-suite-Run-flock-with-verbose-to-log-timeouts.patch: test suite fix
Added 0005-Check-if-flock-supports-verbose.patch: test suite fix
Added 0004-Test-suite-Make-timeouts-for-server-locks-and-HTTPS-.patch: test suite fix
Added 0006-Test-suite-Do-not-explicitly-set-the-mutex-type-to-d.patch: test suite fix
Added 0007-Do-not-treat-warnings-about-deprecated-declarations-.patch: GnuTLS 3.5.9 compatibility
Added 0003-Test-suite-Log-if-a-process-to-be-stopped-by-PID-fil.patch: test suite logging

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    From: Thomas Klute <>
    Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 13:24:54 +0100
    Subject: Test suite: Do not explicitly set the mutex type to "default"
    The setting can cause trouble when the mutex type "default" is file
    based and its definition includes a path that the build process cannot
    write to. This problem caused the Debian build to fail on hurd-i386,
    where "default" resolved to "file:/var/run/apache2/" according to the
    build log.
    According to the HTTPD documentation a run-time file directory
    relative to ServerRoot is used absent an explicit setting, and the
    ServerRoot defined in test/base_apache.conf must be writable for the
    test suite anyway.
    ---                   | 8 ++++----
     test/apache-conf/ | 2 +-
     2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
    diff --git a/ b/
    index 425f2b8..cc3e8ae 100644
    a b AM_CONDITIONAL([ENABLE_NETNS], [test "$use_netns" != "no"]) 
    152152# Adjust Apache configuration for tests accordingly: Use pthread mutex
    153153# and test specific PID files if using namespaces, defaults otherwise.
    154154AS_IF([test "$use_netns" = "yes"],
    155       [MUTEX_TYPE="pthread"; PID_AFFIX="-\${TEST_NAME}"],
    156       [MUTEX_TYPE="default"; PID_AFFIX=""])
     155      [MUTEX_CONF="Mutex pthread default"; PID_AFFIX="-\${TEST_NAME}"],
     156      [MUTEX_CONF=""; PID_AFFIX=""])
  • test/apache-conf/

    diff --git a/test/apache-conf/ b/test/apache-conf/
    index 2439337..005d48f 100644
    a b  
    11# This file contains options that are different depending on whether
    22# tests use namespaces or not.
    3 Mutex   @MUTEX_TYPE@    default
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