source: mod_gnutls/debian @ 1835eba

debian/master debian/0.9.0-1
Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
source 819445c   7 years dkg initial packaging of mod-gnutls 0.5.10
upstream 639ce77   22 months dkg New upstream signing key. See Message-ID: …
patches 8f929d7   12 months fiona.klute Disable building PDF documentation (Closes: #917582)
gnutls.conf 522 bytes 819445c   7 years dkg initial packaging of mod-gnutls 0.5.10
gnutls.load 64 bytes 819445c   7 years dkg initial packaging of mod-gnutls 0.5.10
libapache2-mod-gnutls.apache2 51 bytes 8c9eb05   6 years dkg packaging for libapache2-mod-gnutls 0.5.10-2
libapache2-mod-gnutls.maintscript 99 bytes 1743114   6 years dkg moving apache default config
default-tls.conf 1.2 KB 8ed8e96   4 years dkg committing NMU 0.6-1.4 (thanks, Thomas!)
libapache2-mod-gnutls.install 98 bytes d1546c5   4 years dkg use wrap-and-sort to canonicalize debian/ files
watch 114 bytes ba80b82   4 years dkg move to v4 debian/watch file
libapache2-mod-gnutls.doc-base 276 bytes 64c8caf   4 years dkg Install HTML documentation
libapache2-mod-gnutls.lintian-overrides 139 bytes 2da4ca5   3 years dkg override silly lintian error
clean 127 bytes 2cf64f6   3 years dkg clean up tofu.db (leftover from new versions of gpg)
README.Debian 502 bytes 342c437   3 years thomas2.klute Update documentation location, remove reference to RFC 2817 With the …
gbp.conf 278 bytes 85c5a22   22 months dkg moving to PEP-14 branch naming
compat 3 bytes 856881c   22 months dkg move to debhelper 11
copyright 1.3 KB 823fa13   22 months dkg d/copyright: update URLs, authorship information 41 bytes a43d448   22 months dkg ship NOTICE file as required by Apache 2.0 license
rules 645 bytes 88f0cbbf   22 months dkg fixup dh 11 transition
control 1.3 KB 6cc21df   12 months fiona.klute Update Standards-Version and Description fields
changelog 10.2 KB 1835eba   12 months dkg prepare debian release
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