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Minimal OCSP stapling implementation using externally provided response

Works if the configured file contains a valid and current OCSP
response. Note that the module does not yet check those conditions,
the file is just read and forwarded to GnuTLS.

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[eb34ac4]1# installation directory for Apache modules
3apmodpkglibdir = $(subst ${AP_EXEC_PREFIX},${prefix},${AP_LIBEXECDIR})
[eb34ac4]5apmodpkglibdir = ${AP_LIBEXECDIR}
[94cb972]8mod_gnutls_la_SOURCES = mod_gnutls.c gnutls_io.c gnutls_cache.c \
9        gnutls_config.c gnutls_hooks.c gnutls_ocsp.c
[eb34ac4]10mod_gnutls_la_CFLAGS = -Wall ${MODULE_CFLAGS}
11mod_gnutls_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version ${MODULE_LIBS}
[94cb972]12noinst_HEADERS = gnutls_ocsp.h
[eb34ac4]14apmodpkglib_LTLIBRARIES =
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