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Infrastructure for mod_watchdog support

Asynchronous OCSP cache updates require some kind of timed callbacks
outside of the request handling context. The watchdog module provides
this, is included in HTTPD builds by default, and the documentation
does not mention any restrictions regarding supported MPMs.

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[eb34ac4]1# installation directory for Apache modules
3apmodpkglibdir = $(subst ${AP_EXEC_PREFIX},${prefix},${AP_LIBEXECDIR})
[eb34ac4]5apmodpkglibdir = ${AP_LIBEXECDIR}
[94cb972]8mod_gnutls_la_SOURCES = mod_gnutls.c gnutls_io.c gnutls_cache.c \
[4aa63a4]9        gnutls_config.c gnutls_hooks.c gnutls_ocsp.c gnutls_util.c \
10        gnutls_watchdog.c
[eb34ac4]11mod_gnutls_la_CFLAGS = -Wall ${MODULE_CFLAGS}
12mod_gnutls_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version ${MODULE_LIBS}
[4aa63a4]13noinst_HEADERS = gnutls_cache.h gnutls_config.h gnutls_ocsp.h gnutls_util.h \
14        gnutls_watchdog.h
[eb34ac4]16apmodpkglib_LTLIBRARIES =
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