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Initialize OCSP timeouts with an "unset" value

The configuration merge function used the default timeout to check if
an OCSP related timeout has been set in a virtual host
configuration. This would work most of the time, but break in the
corner case of the global configuration setting a non-default timeout
and a virtual host configuration restoring the default. In this
situation the merge would handle the value from the virtual host
configuration as unset and copy the global timeout.

The problem is solved by initializing the timeouts using the new macro
MGS_TIMEOUT_UNSET. Timeouts as used in the mod_gnutls configuration
cannot be negative, so there is ample room for explicitly unset
values. MGS_TIMEOUT_UNSET is also used for the session cache timeout
instead of hard coded -1.

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File size: 536 bytes
1# installation directory for Apache modules
3apmodpkglibdir = $(subst ${AP_EXEC_PREFIX},${prefix},${AP_LIBEXECDIR})
5apmodpkglibdir = ${AP_LIBEXECDIR}
8mod_gnutls_la_SOURCES = mod_gnutls.c gnutls_io.c gnutls_cache.c \
9        gnutls_config.c gnutls_hooks.c gnutls_ocsp.c gnutls_util.c
10mod_gnutls_la_CFLAGS = -Wall ${MODULE_CFLAGS}
11mod_gnutls_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version ${MODULE_LIBS}
12noinst_HEADERS = gnutls_cache.h gnutls_config.h gnutls_ocsp.h gnutls_util.h
14apmodpkglib_LTLIBRARIES =
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