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Test suite: Make TEST_HOST and TEST_IP configurable through ./configure

The default settings in the test suite assume that "localhost" resolves
to the IPv6 loopback address. Depending on the local system
configuration this may be incorrect, so allow the user to pass their own
TEST_HOST and TEST_IP to ./configure, e.g. to use IPv4:

TEST_HOST="localhost" TEST_IP="" ./configure

Note that changing TEST_HOST requires rebuilding the certificates, just
run "make mostlyclean" before the next test run.

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[33af2b7]1SUBDIRS = tests
3dist_check_SCRIPTS = test-00_basic.bash \
[c51e33a]4        test-01_serverwide_priorities.bash \
5        test-02_cache_in_vhost.bash \
6        test-03_cachetimeout_in_vhost.bash \
7        test-04_basic_nosni.bash \
8        test-05_mismatched-priorities.bash \
9        test-06_verify_sni_a.bash \
10        test-07_verify_sni_b.bash \
11        test-08_verify_no_sni_fallback_to_first_vhost.bash \
12        test-09_verify_no_sni_fails_with_wrong_order.bash \
13        test-10_basic_client_verification.bash \
14        test-11_basic_client_verification_fail.bash \
15        test-12_cgi_variables.bash \
16        test-13_cgi_variables_no_client_cert.bash \
[65c18ce]17        test-14_basic_openpgp.bash
[33af2b7]19dist_check_SCRIPTS += test-15_basic_msva.bash
[33af2b7]21dist_check_SCRIPTS += test-16_view-status.bash \
[eea8a16]22        test-17_cgi_vars_large_cert.bash \
[6e6a4e4]23        test-18_client_verification_wrong_cert.bash \
[ed82a6a]24        test-19_TLS_reverse_proxy.bash \
25        test-20_TLS_reverse_proxy_client_auth.bash \
[907ae8f]26        test-21_TLS_reverse_proxy_wrong_cert.bash \
[f030883]27        test-22_TLS_reverse_proxy_crl_revoke.bash \
[3f00958]28        test-23_TLS_reverse_proxy_mismatched_priorities.bash \
29        test-24_pkcs11_cert.bash
[33af2b7]31TESTS = $(dist_check_SCRIPTS)
[39bd695]33# Test cases trying to create keys and certificates in parallel causes
34# race conditions. Ensure that all keys and certificates are generated
35# before tests get to run.
37# NOTE: Once the support files have been generated, test cases can be
38# run with multiple jobs, but real parallelization would require
39# dynamic port assignments. At the moment, lock files ensure that only
40# one Apache instance (possibly plus a proxy back end instance) is
41# running at any time, so test cases actually have to wait for each
42# other - just not in any particular order.
[33af2b7]43check_DATA = setup.done server/crl.pem
[6ce02e2]45MOSTLYCLEANFILES = setup.done cache/* logs/* outputs/* server/crl.pem
[90a31a4]47cert_templates = \
48 rogueca.template
49generated_templates = authority.template client.template \
50        imposter.template server.template
52# Delete X.509 certificates and generated templates on "mostlyclean"
53# target. Certificates can be rebuilt without generating new key
54# pairs, and regenerating them makes it possible to change identities
55# (e.g. host names) without wasting entropy on new keys (which would
56# happen after "clean").
57MOSTLYCLEANFILES += */x509.pem $(generated_templates)
[6ce02e2]59# Delete PGP keyrings on "mostlyclean" target. They are created from
60# the X.509 private keys and certificates with an expiration time of
61# one day, so regenerating them is both fast and frequently
62# necessary.
63MOSTLYCLEANFILES += */*.pgp */*.gpg */*.gpg~ */gpg.conf
[33af2b7]66        $(MAKE) -f $(srcdir)/TestMakefile $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) clean
[349fd6e]68# SoftHSM files
[3f00958]69check_DATA += server/softhsm.db
70MOSTLYCLEANFILES += tests/24_pkcs11_cert/softhsm.conf
[349fd6e]72# This rule can be used for any TestMakefile target not included in
73# setup.done. The dependency on setup.done is used to avoid race
74# conditions between multiple calls to TestMakefile for key and
75# certificate generation. It is ignored for setup.done itself.
[33af2b7]76server/crl.pem server/softhsm.db setup.done: setup.done
[26081ce]77        TEST_HOST="$(TEST_HOST)" TEST_IP="$(TEST_IP)" srcdir=$(srcdir) \
78        $(MAKE) -f $(srcdir)/TestMakefile $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) $@
[af7da2d]80apache_data = base_apache.conf cgi_module.conf data/* mime.types proxy_mods.conf
82EXTRA_DIST = $(apache_data) $(cert_templates) * proxy_backend.bash \
83        runtests server-crl.template server-softhsm.conf softhsm.bash \
84        TestMakefile
[af7da2d]86AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT = export APACHE2=$(APACHE2); \
[26081ce]87        export AP_LIBEXECDIR=$(AP_LIBEXECDIR); \
88        export TEST_HOST="$(TEST_HOST)"; \
89        export TEST_IP="$(TEST_IP)"; \
90        export BACKEND_HOST="$(TEST_HOST)"; \
91        export BACKEND_IP="$(TEST_IP)";
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