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Test suite: Add tests to "dist" target and support VPATH builds

Supporting VPATH builds requires using $srcdir to find non-generated
data rather than fixed relative paths. If test are not called through
the make system, local defaults must be used. Not changing directories
during tests any more makes this easier.

A few files (e.g. templates, generated CRL) have been moved around to
better match the new structure.

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[33af2b7]1SUBDIRS = tests
3dist_check_SCRIPTS = test-00_basic.bash \
[c51e33a]4        test-01_serverwide_priorities.bash \
5        test-02_cache_in_vhost.bash \
6        test-03_cachetimeout_in_vhost.bash \
7        test-04_basic_nosni.bash \
8        test-05_mismatched-priorities.bash \
9        test-06_verify_sni_a.bash \
10        test-07_verify_sni_b.bash \
11        test-08_verify_no_sni_fallback_to_first_vhost.bash \
12        test-09_verify_no_sni_fails_with_wrong_order.bash \
13        test-10_basic_client_verification.bash \
14        test-11_basic_client_verification_fail.bash \
15        test-12_cgi_variables.bash \
16        test-13_cgi_variables_no_client_cert.bash \
[65c18ce]17        test-14_basic_openpgp.bash
[33af2b7]19dist_check_SCRIPTS += test-15_basic_msva.bash
[33af2b7]21dist_check_SCRIPTS += test-16_view-status.bash \
[eea8a16]22        test-17_cgi_vars_large_cert.bash \
[6e6a4e4]23        test-18_client_verification_wrong_cert.bash \
[ed82a6a]24        test-19_TLS_reverse_proxy.bash \
25        test-20_TLS_reverse_proxy_client_auth.bash \
[907ae8f]26        test-21_TLS_reverse_proxy_wrong_cert.bash \
[f030883]27        test-22_TLS_reverse_proxy_crl_revoke.bash \
[3f00958]28        test-23_TLS_reverse_proxy_mismatched_priorities.bash \
29        test-24_pkcs11_cert.bash
[33af2b7]31TESTS = $(dist_check_SCRIPTS)
[39bd695]33# Test cases trying to create keys and certificates in parallel causes
34# race conditions. Ensure that all keys and certificates are generated
35# before tests get to run.
37# NOTE: Once the support files have been generated, test cases can be
38# run with multiple jobs, but real parallelization would require
39# dynamic port assignments. At the moment, lock files ensure that only
40# one Apache instance (possibly plus a proxy back end instance) is
41# running at any time, so test cases actually have to wait for each
42# other - just not in any particular order.
[33af2b7]43check_DATA = setup.done server/crl.pem
[33af2b7]45MOSTLYCLEANFILES = cache/* logs/* outputs/* server/crl.pem
[33af2b7]48        $(MAKE) -f $(srcdir)/TestMakefile $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) clean
[349fd6e]50# SoftHSM files
[3f00958]51check_DATA += server/softhsm.db
52MOSTLYCLEANFILES += tests/24_pkcs11_cert/softhsm.conf
[349fd6e]54# This rule can be used for any TestMakefile target not included in
55# setup.done. The dependency on setup.done is used to avoid race
56# conditions between multiple calls to TestMakefile for key and
57# certificate generation. It is ignored for setup.done itself.
[33af2b7]58server/crl.pem server/softhsm.db setup.done: setup.done
59        srcdir=$(srcdir) $(MAKE) -f $(srcdir)/TestMakefile $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) $@
61cert_templates = \
62 rogueca.template
63apache_data = base_apache.conf data/* mime.types
65EXTRA_DIST = $(apache_data) $(cert_templates) * proxy_backend.bash \
66        runtests server-crl.template server-softhsm.conf softhsm.bash \
67        TestMakefile
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