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Test suite: Add an OCSP responder for the sub CA

All CAs use the same server as their OCSP responders. The OCSP URI now
includes the CA identity so the server can select the correct CA when
generating the response.

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1Define  OCSP_PORT       ${OCSP_PORT}
2Define  TEST_PORT       ${OCSP_PORT}
4Include ${srcdir}/base_apache.conf
6Include         ${srcdir}/cgi_module.conf
7LoadModule      env_module              ${AP_LIBEXECDIR}/
8LoadModule      rewrite_module          ${AP_LIBEXECDIR}/
10# separate log and PID file
11CustomLog       logs/${TEST_NAME}.ocsp.access.log combined
12ErrorLog        logs/${TEST_NAME}.ocsp.error.log
15<IfDefine !OCSP_INDEX>
16        # Default index file, define OCSP_INDEX in the test specific
17        # config to override
18        Define  OCSP_INDEX      ${PWD}/authority/ocsp_index.txt
21<VirtualHost _default_:${OCSP_PORT}>
22        RewriteEngine   On
23        RewriteRule     ^/ocsp(.*)      /ocsp.cgi$1     [L]
24        # General rules for all OCSP handling
25        <Location /ocsp/>
26                # Some clients seem to have trouble with chunked
27                # encoding, so force HTTP/1.0 for now.
28                SetEnv  downgrade-1.0
29                <If "-n osenv('OPENSSL')">
30                        # Pass OPENSSL variable to CGI script if set
31                        SetEnv  OPENSSL         ${OPENSSL}
32                </If>
33        </Location>
34        <Location /ocsp/authority/>
35                # certificates and key for ocsp.cgi
36                SetEnv  CA_CERT         ${PWD}/authority/x509.pem
37                SetEnv  OCSP_INDEX      ${OCSP_INDEX}
38                SetEnv  OCSP_CERT       ${PWD}/authority/ocsp-responder/x509.pem
39                SetEnv  OCSP_KEY        ${PWD}/authority/ocsp-responder/secret.key
40        </Location>
41        <Location /ocsp/authority/subca/>
42                # certificates and key for ocsp.cgi
43                SetEnv  CA_CERT         ${PWD}/authority/subca/x509.pem
44                SetEnv  OCSP_INDEX      ${PWD}/authority/subca/ocsp_index.txt
45                SetEnv  OCSP_CERT       ${PWD}/authority/subca/ocsp-responder/x509.pem
46                SetEnv  OCSP_KEY        ${PWD}/authority/subca/ocsp-responder/secret.key
47        </Location>
48        <Directory ${srcdir}/data>
49                Options +ExecCGI
50        </Directory>
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