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Test suite: Use mod_mpm_event by default

The "event" MPM module is more reliable, Valgrind tests showed
occasional mutex errors during shutdown in "worker". The tests still
fall back on the "worker" MPM if "event" is not available (that was
the case on Debian/HURD the last time I checked).

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2import os
3import re
4import shutil
5import subprocess
[ee6351d]6from pathlib import Path
8required_modules = {'logio', 'unixd', 'log_config'}
[ee6351d]10apache2 = os.environ['APACHE2']
12result =[apache2, '-l'], check=True,
13                        stdout=subprocess.PIPE, text=True)
15built_in_modules = set()
16mod_re = re.compile(r'^\s+mod_(\w+)\.c')
17for line in result.stdout.splitlines():
18    m = mod_re.match(line)
19    if m:
20        built_in_modules.add(
22for mod in (required_modules - built_in_modules):
23    print(f'LoadModule\t{mod}_module\t${{AP_LIBEXECDIR}}/mod_{mod}.so')
25# select mpm module, list is ordered by preference
26mpm_choices = ['event', 'worker']
27mod_dir = Path(os.environ['AP_LIBEXECDIR'])
28for mpm in mpm_choices:
29    mod = mod_dir.joinpath(f'mod_mpm_{mpm}.so')
30    if mod.exists():
31        print(f'LoadModule\tmpm_{mpm}_module\t{mod!s}')
32        break
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