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Test suite: Add tests to "dist" target and support VPATH builds

Supporting VPATH builds requires using $srcdir to find non-generated
data rather than fixed relative paths. If test are not called through
the make system, local defaults must be used. Not changing directories
during tests any more makes this easier.

A few files (e.g. templates, generated CRL) have been moved around to
better match the new structure.

  • Property mode set to 100755
File size: 680 bytes
3set -e
[33af2b7]4: ${srcdir:="."}
7. $(dirname ${0})/proxy_backend.bash
9# This test checks if server and proxy priorities are applied
10# properly. The proxy server requries a TLS 1.2 connection, but the
11# back end server is configured not to use TLS 1.2. The proxy request
12# must fail and the client must receive an error message to pass.
14function stop_backend
16    backend_apache "${dir}" "backend.conf" stop
18backend_apache "${testdir}" "backend.conf" start "${BACKEND_LOCK}"
19trap stop_backend EXIT
[33af2b7]21make -f $(dirname ${0})/TestMakefile t-23
23backend_apache "${testdir}" "backend.conf" stop
24trap - EXIT
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