source: mod_gnutls/test/test-23_TLS_reverse_proxy_mismatched_priorities.bash @ a61edfd

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Test suite: Call "runtests" directly from test scripts

The test scripts used to call runtests through TestMakefile?, which set
up the environment. Moving the environment configuration to
AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT in avoids this additional call to

TEST_GAP has been renamed to TEST_MSVA_WAIT because the sleep time in
the MSVA startup loop is its only remaining use.

  • Property mode set to 100755
File size: 662 bytes
3set -e
[33af2b7]4: ${srcdir:="."}
7. $(dirname ${0})/proxy_backend.bash
9# This test checks if server and proxy priorities are applied
10# properly. The proxy server requries a TLS 1.2 connection, but the
11# back end server is configured not to use TLS 1.2. The proxy request
12# must fail and the client must receive an error message to pass.
14function stop_backend
16    backend_apache "${dir}" "backend.conf" stop
18backend_apache "${testdir}" "backend.conf" start "${BACKEND_LOCK}"
19trap stop_backend EXIT
[34e5dc7]21${srcdir}/runtests t-23
23backend_apache "${testdir}" "backend.conf" stop
24trap - EXIT
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