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Minimal OCSP stapling implementation using externally provided response

Works if the configured file contains a valid and current OCSP
response. Note that the module does not yet check those conditions,
the file is just read and forwarded to GnuTLS.

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2# Try HTTPS access with OCSP status check
4# Skip if OCSP tests are not enabled
5[ -n "${OCSP_PORT}" ] || exit 77
7# trigger OCSP server test in the runtests script
8export CHECK_OCSP_SERVER="true"
[94cb972]9export OCSP_RESPONSE_FILE="$(mktemp mod_gnutls_test-XXXXXX.der)"
11${srcdir}/runtests t-27
13ocsptool -e --load-signer authority/x509.pem --load-response ${OCSP_RESPONSE_FILE} || ret=1
15exit ${ret}
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