source: mod_gnutls/test/tests/05_client_handshake_error/apache.conf

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Create a new test for handling client-side handshake errors

Prior to f363569cf5563271019bfb439980c7ad08e5ac30 the test
09_verify_no_sni_fails_with_wrong_order expected the client to reject
the presented certificate. This is rather imprecise for vhost
selection testing, but did exercise an otherwise untested code path:
What happens if the client cancels the handshake?

This commit adds a new test explicitly covering that situation.

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1Include ${srcdir}/base_apache.conf
5<VirtualHost _default_:${TEST_PORT}>
6    ServerName ${TEST_HOST}
7    GnuTLSEnable On
8    GnuTLSCertificateFile authority/server/x509-chain.pem
9    GnuTLSKeyFile authority/server/secret.key
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