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Use default priorities in tests that don't require specific ones

Setting GnuTLSPriorities in all tests is a relic of the time when it
didn't have a default value, and is not needed anymore, except for
tests that specifically test priority configuration.

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1Include ${srcdir}/base_apache.conf
4# Leave GnuTLSOCSPCache unconfigured so the default shmcb cache is
5# used
6#GnuTLSOCSPCache shmcb
8<VirtualHost _default_:${TEST_PORT}>
9        ServerName              ${TEST_HOST}
10        GnuTLSEnable            On
11        # Enabled by default
12        #GnuTLSOCSPStapling     On
13        GnuTLSOCSPCacheTimeout  120
14        GnuTLSOCSPFailureTimeout 20
15        GnuTLSCertificateFile   authority/subca/server/x509-chain.pem
16        GnuTLSKeyFile           authority/subca/server/secret.key
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