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Replace internal cache implementation with mod_socache

Massively simplifies mod_gnutls code, and using mod_socache_shmcb will
allow for extremely simple cache setup (no configuration needed as
long as the module is available, not implemented yet).

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File size: 336 bytes
1Include ${srcdir}/base_apache.conf
2GnuTLSCache shmcb:cache/gnutls_cache_${TEST_NAME}
4<VirtualHost _default_:${TEST_PORT}>
5        ServerName              ${TEST_HOST}
6        GnuTLSEnable            On
7        GnuTLSOCSPStapling      On
8        GnuTLSOCSPCacheTimeout  60
9        GnuTLSCertificateFile   server/x509-chain.pem
10        GnuTLSKeyFile           server/secret.key
11        GnuTLSPriorities        NORMAL
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