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Fix flake8 warnings in test

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[0f52d48]1import os
[0699668]2import re
3from mgstest import require_match
[0f52d48]4from unittest import SkipTest
[0f52d48]7def prepare_env():
[5357109]8    if 'OCSP_PORT' not in os.environ:
[0f52d48]9        raise SkipTest('OCSP_PORT is not set, check if openssl is available.')
[0699668]12def post_check(conn_log, response_log):
13    print('Checking if the client actually got a stapled response:')
14    print(require_match(re.compile(r'^- Options: .*OCSP status request,'),
15                        conn_log).group(0))
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