source: mod_gnutls @ 3493a80

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
test b47dc70   3 years fiona.klute Test suite: Simplify certificate template creation
src 3aff94d   3 years fiona.klute Include cache status in mod_status reports
m4 6bbd378   4 years fiona.klute Remove special handling for APR memcache and leftover includes
include a14cf5c   3 years fiona.klute Store SNI hostname in mod_gnutls' connection context
doc 3493a80   3 years fiona.klute Include version and build date in the manual page
README 1.5 KB d60ff7b   4 years fiona.klute Require Apache HTTPD 2.4.17 or newer In older versions …
NOTICE 231 bytes 8c66e7c   10 years neuromancer Updated NOTICE 368 bytes 2f949bc   4 years fiona.klute Remove deleted m4/apr_memcache.m4 from EXTRA_DIST
LICENSE 11.1 KB 9706fc2   17 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo 10.8 KB 267a27a   3 years fiona.klute Test suite: Use separate IPC namespaces when enabled Minimal change …
CHANGELOG 9.6 KB e00a037   4 years fiona.klute Release version 0.8.4
.gitignore 262 bytes 31caead   7 years thomas2.klute Rename documentation directory to "doc" It's a more commonly used …
.dir-locals.el 125 bytes 198b9f0   9 years dkg try to record a surmise of the expected C coding conventions for emacs …

The apache module for HTTPS using GnuTLS

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