source: mod_gnutls

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
test 20a20df   6 weeks krista.celestia Test suite: ignore "Content-Length" header Do not check the returned …
src dcec209   2 weeks fiona.klute Fix possible segfault (NULL pointer dereference) on failed TLS …
m4 6bbd378   20 months fiona.klute Remove special handling for APR memcache and leftover includes
include 0378c22   12 months fiona.klute Move mod_proxy note name definitions to gnutls_proxy.h
doc f064d74   3 weeks fiona.klute Handbook: Add a section about module dependencies on socache
CHANGELOG 12.4 KB d4c9331   2 weeks fiona.klute Release version 0.9.1 11.3 KB d4c9331   2 weeks fiona.klute Release version 0.9.1
LICENSE 11.1 KB 9706fc2   15 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo
README 1.5 KB d60ff7b   20 months fiona.klute Require Apache HTTPD 2.4.17 or newer In older versions … 402 bytes 5c56e5b   13 months fiona.klute Pass SOFTHSM_LIB setting to distcheck build
.gitignore 262 bytes 31caead   5 years thomas2.klute Rename documentation directory to "doc" It's a more commonly used …
NOTICE 231 bytes 8c66e7c   8 years neuromancer Updated NOTICE
.dir-locals.el 125 bytes 198b9f0   7 years dkg try to record a surmise of the expected C coding conventions for emacs …

The apache module for HTTPS using GnuTLS

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