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    rff46fc2 r71cac80  
    22- Handle Unclean Shutdowns
    33- make session cache use generic apache caches
     5** Version 0.7.1 (2015-10-18)
     6- Improved handling of PKCS #11 modules: mod_gnutls now loads either
     7  modules specified using GnuTLSP11Module, or the system defaults, but
     8  not both. Thanks to Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos for the report and
     9  initial patch!
     10- Initialize variables to safe defaults during client certificate
     11  verification. Certain error code paths did not set them, but they
     12  should never be hit due to config validation. This adds another line
     13  of defense.
     14- Enable C99 support via autoconf
     15- Test suite improvements. Most importantly, automake now handles
     16  environment setup without any external make calls. Rules to build
     17  the certificates are included from the old test makefile. Note that
     18  the dependency on GNU make is not new (the test makefile always used
     19  GNU make syntax), it just wasn't listed explicitly.
    521** Version 0.7 (2015-07-12)
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