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(edit) @1a6eeae   3 years fiona.klute Allow overriding the default HTTPD mutex via configure The custom … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @2794787   3 years fiona.klute Pass TEST_IP and TEST_HOST to "make distcheck" This should allow … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @aa83125   3 years fiona.klute Fix passing SOFTHSM_LIB to "make distcheck" The single quotes were … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @5c56e5b   4 years fiona.klute Pass SOFTHSM_LIB setting to distcheck build asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @2f949bc   4 years fiona.klute Remove deleted m4/apr_memcache.m4 from EXTRA_DIST asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @9a18e30   6 years thomas2.klute Support basic Doxygen calls Doxygen targets are included in the … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0bda20f   6 years thomas2.klute Make "make distcheck" work This requires strict DIST/DISTCLEAN lists … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @6e1d45d   7 years thomas2.klute Build documentation through automake The handwritten Makefile used … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @e24eed68   7 years thomas2.klute Remove nonexistent files from EXTRA_DIST, add CHANGELOG Some of these … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @8dcf888   8 years thomas2.klute Rename test suite directory from t/ to test/ This is the same name … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0f5c9e1   8 years thomas2.klute Let Automake handle the test directory Instead of running the test … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @4b53371   10 years dkg initial testing framework, with one simple test. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @485d28e   11 years neuromancer Major Legacy Code Cleanup asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @313a435   14 years nmav asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @d2439b9   15 years nmav adopted the official libgnutlsextra m4 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @3b83e00   15 years nmav RSA-EXPORT private keys and DH params no longer generated by default asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @3dbff0d   15 years nmav asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7bebb42   15 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @84cb5b2   17 years chip - add lua to do client verification - only use gcrypt locking when … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @283d885   17 years chip fixes for pre-0.1.0 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @6af4f74   17 years chip working on a release.. really! asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @ed47098   18 years chip adding autofoo for memcache support asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(add) @9706fc2   18 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
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