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(edit) @2cde026d   5 years thomas2.klute Merge branch 'new-gnutls-api' Merge my TLS proxy implementation with … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @f030883   5 years thomas2.klute Set GnuTLS priorities for proxy connections separately Until now, … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @809c422   5 years thomas2.klute TLS proxy: Add support for CRLs to back end server verification When … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @d8ae2a0   5 years thomas2.klute Documentation for proxy TLS configuration directives Add … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @eebc960   5 years thomas2.klute Fix documentation for GnuTLSKeyFile option The first two lines … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @031acac   6 years nmav Use the new (3.1.3+) GnuTLS APIs to obtain private keys. This allows … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @999cdec   6 years dkg GnuTLSExportCertificates should control maximum size of exported certs … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @8232c8b   6 years dkg removing dia ORM renderings; avoiding synchronization issues debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @bce7907   6 years dkg updated documentation to refer to the project website. debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @ac32bb5   6 years dkg document SSL_CLIENT_CERT_TYPE debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @5409165   6 years dkg correct GnuTLSPriorities documentation debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @6cfb4b4   6 years dkg replacing manual.mdwn with mod_gnutls_manual.mdwn debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @5674676   6 years dkg add SSL_DH_PRIME_BITS to expose the size of the DH modulus to CGI debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @cf2b905   6 years dkg MSVA: document and parse GnuTLSClientVerifyMethod directive The … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @70e7652   7 years dkg remove old versions of documentation now that we can generate them … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @2b16350   7 years dkg clean up documentation, list GnuTLSEnable as the first option debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @e7527b9   7 years dkg automate generation of other manual formats. debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @4ee45a1   7 years dkg Used pandoc to convert from html to markdown debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsupstream
(edit) @7d1ab49   7 years dkg restore GnuTLSExportCertificate directive It looks to me like this … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @480aba1   7 years dkg correct context terminology for GnuTLSCache configurations "global … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @8400c2e   7 years dkg properly document the GnuTLSCache directive debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @369f47a   7 years dkg avoid calling gnutls_srp_server_get_username() unless SRP is configured debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @2b76a9c   7 years dkg X.509 certificates are ordered EE first (see … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @303dc6e   7 years dkg manual cleanup and clarification debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @dab7a25   7 years dkg rip out remaining references to obsolete "export" encryption debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @694fc04   8 years neuromancer mod_gnutls 0.5.10 UML Diagrams Signed-off-by: Dash Shendy … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(edit) @bb24ee8   9 years neuromancer Added PDF & HTML Manuals debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
(add) @874e7a7   9 years urkle add in manual from website debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaupstream
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