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(edit) @68b5156   21 months fiona.klute Move proxy-only functions from gnutls_hooks.c to a dedicated file debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @7ff6c6c   23 months fiona.klute Add proof-of-concept SNI parser in a pre client hello hook The SNI … debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @4aa63a4   2 years fiona.klute Infrastructure for mod_watchdog support Asynchronous OCSP cache … debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @c39ae1a   4 years thomas2.klute Initialize OCSP timeouts with an "unset" value The configuration … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @16ad0eb   4 years thomas2.klute Perform OCSP request over HTTP Finally the whole stack is there! … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @04e6e65   4 years thomas2.klute Move declarations of cache-related functions to a dedicated header … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @94cb972   4 years thomas2.klute Minimal OCSP stapling implementation using externally provided … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0bda20f   4 years thomas2.klute Make "make distcheck" work This requires strict DIST/DISTCLEAN lists … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @eb34ac4   4 years thomas2.klute Let Automake handle module installation Using a custom pkglib … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @ee687ab   5 years thomas2.klute Update README and post-install documentation hint debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @671b64f   7 years dkg remove all trailing whitespace debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7f1b026   9 years neuromancer Remove Lua Source file debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @485d28e   9 years neuromancer Major Legacy Code Cleanup debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7bebb42   13 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0 debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @84cb5b2   15 years chip - add lua to do client verification - only use gcrypt locking when … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @c301152   15 years chip - move hooks to gnutls_hooks.c - use 'mgs_' as the prefix for all … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @46b85d8   15 years chip move config functions to their own file. debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @6e0bfd6   15 years chip - make memcahe optional - update for 2.1.x branch changes. - some … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @a66e147   16 years chip working support for a ssl session cache via memcached. debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @ed47098   16 years chip adding autofoo for memcache support debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7e2b223   16 years chip break up the IO functions into their own file debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @6a8a839   16 years chip updated debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(add) @9706fc2   16 years chip iniail makefiles and license foo debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
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