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(edit) @f94938c   20 months fiona.klute Nicer logging for post-handshake authentication asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @fcad37b   20 months fiona.klute Retry gnutls_reauth() on transport interruptions asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @9db4dcd   20 months fiona.klute Handle GNUTLS_E_GOT_APPLICATION_DATA on gnutls_reauth() Pending … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @4a22ee6   20 months fiona.klute Fix speculative reads using cached data The rollback buffer … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @6fa6095   20 months fiona.klute Partial post-handshake auth support Needs proper error handling, … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @05e2d9e   20 months fiona.klute Move function declarations for gnutls_io.c into a separate header asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @b6c7866   3 years fiona.klute Update copyright headers of files changed this year asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @4d38cbd   3 years fiona.klute Return EOS/success for failed proxy TLS connections only on handshake … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @564f33f   3 years fiona.klute Move SNI and ALPN setup for proxy connections to gnutls_proxy.c asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @0378c22   3 years fiona.klute Move mod_proxy note name definitions to gnutls_proxy.h asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @f674424   3 years fiona.klute First prototype of proxy ALPN support The current code assumes that … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @2038b76   3 years fiona.klute Ensure nonblocking reads pass EAGAIN or EINTR status to caller asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @92cb0cc   3 years fiona.klute Handle APR_TIMEUP return value from blocking ap_get_brigade() call … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @bac1a32   3 years fiona.klute Order, log message, and style fixes asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @bd2b48b   3 years fiona.klute Immediately retry on EINTR or EAGAIN for blocking receive Proxy TLS … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @72b669e   3 years fiona.klute Refuse to send or receive over a failed TLS connection On a failed … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @5ab2868   3 years fiona.klute Remove unused server variable The mgs_srvconf_rec.non_ssl_request … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @3c123cd   3 years fiona.klute Update my name, prepare changelog for the next release asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @265159d   4 years thomas2.klute Send SNI for proxy connections asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @98cf33f   4 years thomas2.klute Rewrite SNI handler to accept long names and ignore unknown name types … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @cebb74a   4 years thomas2.klute Remove broken SNI/session resumption workaround By specification, the … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @08b821a   5 years thomas2.klute gnutls_io.c: API documentation asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @104e881   5 years thomas2.klute General comment updates for Doxygen compatibility Mostly /* */ vs. … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @ac3f500   5 years thomas2.klute Compatibility code for GnuTLS version < 3.4 * gnutls_memset() is not … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @b2e6406   5 years thomas2.klute Safe integer type conversion in mgs_filter_input() Read sizes should … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7511bfa   5 years thomas2.klute Use ap_log_cerror() instead of ap_log_error() where reasonable … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @8913410   5 years thomas2.klute Update copyright headers asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @c3ad933   5 years thomas2.klute Remove stale support code for Apache versions before 2.2 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @19f2719   5 years thomas2.klute Update comments and formating in push/pull functions asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @a9fa300   5 years thomas2.klute Set GnuTLS session errno on all error paths in mgs_transport_read() asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @6868585   5 years thomas2.klute Remove unnecessary session pointer check The transport functions are … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @be41ee4   5 years thomas2.klute Set GnuTLS session errno on errors in mgs_transport_write() Sunil … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @73b0bf0   6 years thomas2.klute mgs_filter_input: Use APR_STATUS_IS macros instead of integer comparison asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @2ceb836   6 years thomas2.klute Update log messages on session termination (cleanup_gnutls_session, … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @401a0de   6 years thomas2.klute Close TLS session on EOF in input filter If the input filter receives … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @f5a36ee   6 years thomas2.klute Pass EAGAIN/EINTR from gnutls_io_input_read to input filter … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @02a6a18   6 years thomas2.klute gnutls_io.c: Don't mix EAGAIN and EINTR in mgs_transport_read … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @dfd5837   6 years thomas2.klute Log possible error messages from gnutls_bye asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @e391197   6 years thomas2.klute Update copyright headers for C source asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @73f6f12   6 years thomas2.klute Check handshake result before logging "TLS connection opened" Without … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @265eafc   7 years thomas2.klute gnutls_io.c: Log connection start/end and unusual input filter events … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @4261999   7 years thomas2.klute gnutls_io_input_read: Retry gnutls_record_recv if necessary While … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @398d1a0   7 years thomas2.klute Improved logging for gnutls_io_input_read * Log if something tried to … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @4fefa39   7 years thomas2.klute src/gnutls_io.c: Reformat gnutls_io_filter_error for readability No … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @beb14d9   7 years thomas2.klute Proof of concept: Support for proxy back end connections using TLS … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @fd82e59   8 years dkg use strict compiler arguments by default (-Wall -Werror -Wextra) … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @55dc3f0   8 years dkg Make Apache 2.4 display the correct module in error logs asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @671b64f   8 years dkg remove all trailing whitespace asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @9ee0464   9 years neuromancer Compilation Errors Cleanup Signed-off-by: Dash Shendy … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @33826c5   10 years neuromancer mod_proxy support asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @9a9bc1e   10 years neuromancer Added fix for unclean shutdowns, we're now ignoring SIGPIPE Signals asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @e183628   10 years neuromancer Updated Copyright Headers & Formatting asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @485d28e   10 years neuromancer Major Legacy Code Cleanup asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @8fffed1   10 years neuromancer Compilation Fixups Signed-off-by: Dash Shendy <neuromancer@…> asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @60cf11c   10 years neuromancer Proxy (TLS termination) patch Signed-off-by: Dash Shendy … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @b4a875b   10 years admin EOC Bucket Infinite Loop Bugfix Signed-off-by: Dash Shendy … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @e02dd8c   11 years nmav indented code asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @62def2f   11 years nmav reduced warning level of TLS errors. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7ce01c9   11 years nmav Corrected behavior in Keep-Alive connections (do not terminate the … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @368b574   11 years nmav Safer usage of session variable to prevent segmentation faults on … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @9085f5b   12 years nmav Corrected issue with firefox and long post data (had to do … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @dcf1118   12 years nmav On connection termination be polite and send a bye (common handling of … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @daf3dc9   12 years nmav removed APR_BUCKET_IS_EOS. Doesn't seem appropriate at this point. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @1d48b0a   12 years nmav More fixes related to bug #102 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @c05a8bb   12 years nmav only call gnutls_bye on non null gnutls session. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @a601e7d   12 years nmav Try to avoid bug asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0e13d67   12 years nmav do not try to send empty packs using TLS. This this has a special … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0106b25   13 years nmav increased max handshake tries asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @4fb2b3c   13 years nmav use memmove instead of memcpy because buffers might overlap. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @7bebb42   14 years nmav upgraded to 0.4.0 asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @8e33f2d   16 years chip Put a limit on the number of times we try to handshake. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @836417f   16 years chip Refactor finding the correct server record to fix resumed sessions. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @c301152   16 years chip - move hooks to gnutls_hooks.c - use 'mgs_' as the prefix for all … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @316bd8c   16 years chip - remove more debug logging. - fix a crash by changing the certificate … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @e924ddd   16 years chip client auth is sort of working. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @31645b2   16 years chip working SNI. Not so working Client Cert support. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @42307a9   16 years chip - remove anno creds - initial attempt at Server Name Extension - … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @fcb122d   16 years chip checkpoint the work so far. The DBM cache needs a little more work. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @a66e147   17 years chip working support for a ssl session cache via memcached. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @32f2e60   17 years chip fixes and stuff that i should of already committed. asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @0b3bc05   17 years chip setting proper ignores. adding an empty cache files trying to fix … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @b1f7f11   17 years chip hey hey, this is working code! asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @dae0aec   17 years chip input and output filters asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @2e12226   17 years chip rename structures. properly prefix all non-static functions with … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
(add) @7e2b223   17 years chip break up the IO functions into their own file asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsmsvaproxy-ticketupstream
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