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(edit) @b762e4e   19 months fiona.klute Test suite: Log outgoing OCSP responses in responder This makes …
(edit) @90d750d   2 years fiona.klute Fix flake8 warnings in the test OCSP responder script asyncio
(edit) @199acff   3 years fiona.klute Log OCPS requests to stderr With this the requests will … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @de81c0f   3 years fiona.klute Capture the OCSP request in a variable This will be useful … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @d2f2f62   3 years krista.celestia Rewrite OCSP responder in Python Rewrite the OCSP responder CGI … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @9db4dcd   3 years fiona.klute Handle GNUTLS_E_GOT_APPLICATION_DATA on gnutls_reauth() Pending … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @6fa6095   3 years fiona.klute Partial post-handshake auth support Needs proper error handling, … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @587642d   3 years fiona.klute OCSP test: Prevent single-second refresh intervals With the default … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @63e4efe   3 years fiona.klute Test suite: Remove unused data files * ffdhe3072.pem was loaded, but … asyncioproxy-ticket
(edit) @2ec3e54   4 years fiona.klute Test suite: Remove size of DH prime from variable dump The variable … asynciodebian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @3c123cd   5 years fiona.klute Update my name, prepare changelog for the next release asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @317b569   7 years thomas2.klute Make the response validity period of the test responder configurable asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @c0c4106   7 years thomas2.klute Test suite: Minimal OCSP responder (CGI script and Apache config snippet) asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(add) @8dcf888   8 years thomas2.klute Rename test suite directory from t/ to test/ This is the same name … asynciodebian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
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