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(edit) @33fa7d5   11 months fiona.klute Ensure stapling is active for server certificates with "must-staple" … proxy-ticket
(edit) @1c2b936   12 months fiona.klute Test suite: Use the new Python-based test client proxy-ticket
(edit) @dec05c4   12 months fiona.klute Test suite: Enable HTTP keep-alive in the test server Test using the … proxy-ticket
(edit) @e376ed8   12 months fiona.klute Merge branch 'subca' proxy-ticket
(edit) @20a20df   13 months krista.celestia Test suite: ignore "Content-Length" header Do not check the returned … proxy-ticket
(edit) @f828974   17 months fiona.klute Test suite: Build & use certificate chain for the authority/subca/server ID proxy-ticket
(edit) @c825c3a   17 months fiona.klute Test suite: Move directory for server identity into authority directory proxy-ticket
(edit) @60868d2   2 years fiona.klute Default to NORMAL for the GnuTLS priority settings This simplifies … debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @a6aa387   3 years fiona.klute Test suite: Update cache configuration, ensure unique cache paths debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @de1ceab   3 years fiona.klute Replace internal cache implementation with mod_socache Massively … debian/masterproxy-ticket
(edit) @3e04c0b   5 years thomas2.klute Test suite: Don't restrict IP addresses of virtual hosts The IP … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(edit) @33af2b7   6 years thomas2.klute Test suite: Add tests to "dist" target and support VPATH builds … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
(add) @8dcf888   6 years thomas2.klute Rename test suite directory from t/ to test/ This is the same name … debian/masterdebian/stretch-backportsjessie-backportsproxy-ticketupstream
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