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#98 TLS does not start if the source and destination IP addresses are the same defect critical code
#136 Infinite loop while cleaning up GnuTLS session defect critical code
#5 Client-side certificates not recognzied defect major code 5.10
#6 Cannot build against Apache 2.4.4 defect major code 5.10
#10 Wildcards In ServerAlias Directive defect major code 5.10
#14 Allow for configuration of parameters globally defect major code 5.10
#22 test suite not VPATH-safe defect major code
#23 enable pkcs11 for server secret key material enhancement major code
#24 mod-proxy test in gnutls_hooks.c inadequate; breaks localhost encryption defect major code
#25 Can't locate API module structure `ssl_module' defect major code
#26 End of file found: GnuTLS: Error reading data. (-54) 'Error in the pull function.' defect major code
#29 Disabling SSL3 and TLS1.0 don't work defect major code 5.10
#135 mod_gnutls bug ? defect major code
#7 Fix the use of ServerAlias Directive defect minor code 5.10
#9 Support GnuTLS version 3.0 defect minor code
#18 mod_gnutls: Does not support aarch64 defect minor code 5.10
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