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Update prerequisites

Developing mod_gnutls

Please file tickets here, and correspond with the developers via the mailing list or IRC (#mod_gnutls on


version >= 3.1.4
Apache httpd
version >= 2.4

Some optional features have additional requirements, please see the README file in the source tree.

Fetch the source

git clone

This will create a local working copy, which you can enter with:

cd mod_gnutls


From the working copy:

Prepare the source tree for building

autoreconf -fiv

Configure the source:

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/bin/apxs2 

(note that you can see other options for the source with ./configure --help)

Build and test:

make check

Using apache with your just-built mod_gnutls

If you supply the following directive to apache when launching httpd,

LoadModule gnutls_module src/.libs/

Committing to the central repository

Since we're using git, anyone can host a mod_gnutls repository anywhere they like. We encourage this sort of development, and ask that you let us know on the mailing list if you have changes you want to contribute back.

If you have commit access to the central mod_gnutls git repository, you can configure your local copy to push there with:

git config remote.origin.pushurl

The fingerprint of the SSH host key for is: